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  1. Primary benefits
  2. Overview
  3. Key points

Primary Benefits


Also known as Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor 

PEG-MGF is derived from IGF-1 (Insulin-like growth factor). It has gained a lot of popularity for its ability to decrease fat mass in the body and increase the strength of the bone. MGF is produced in the liver and it breaks down within 5-7 minutes. That is why scientists have added a compound into MGF to modify it. This increases the half-life of MGF up to several days and the modified compound is called PEG MGF.

PEG-MGF is derived from IGF-1 and it stimulates myoblasts division which in turn makes the muscle fuse and mature. This is a necessary process for adult muscle growth. 

PEG-MGF has been shown to aid faster recovery and healing of muscles and helps the cells to grow and get bigger. They bind to the receptors and help in the recovery of damaged tissues.

Key points

  • Promotion Of  Skeletal Muscle 
  • Anti-aging Benefits
  • Improved Fat metabolism
  • Heart Muscle Repair
  • Can lower blood pressure
  • May help to heal the heart after a heart attack.
  • Longer half life than MGF





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