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IGF-1 DES by United Peptides

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  1. Primary benefits
  2. Overview
  3. Key points

Primary Benefits

Increase Growth Hormone


The Insulin-like Growth Factor is one of the endocrine hormones that is produced in the liver. The release of this hormone increases in the presence of Human Growth Hormone. Numerous cells throughout the muscles of the human body are equipped with cell receptors that have a high affinity for Insulin-like Growth Factor. This makes this hormone one of the best growth hormones and a facilitator of general cell growth which it does by targeting different specific tissues and in more autocrine cell communication processes, it facilitates cell division.

Key Points

  • It facilitates protein synthesis in the body.
  • It regulates the storage of fat and channels it to be used for the production of energy. This results in a noticeable fat loss.
  • Promotes positive effects on metabolism; increasing lean body mass and decreases fat
  • It increases the regenerative properties of the body’s nerve tissues.
  • Upregulates anti-oxidant benefit and ligament strength
  • It boosts hyperplasia in muscle cells, which leads to fuller muscle tissues.
  • Optimal IGF-1 and growth hormone levels are crucial to bone development during childhood and throughout adult life.
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