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Fragment 176-191 5mg Generic Peptide

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Fragment 176-191


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Primary Benefits

Promotion of fat loss.


  • Effect of Fragment 176-191 on Fat Loss

    Fragment 176-191 is commonly referred to as a lipolytic fragment due to the dramatic weight loss effects it has exhibited in animal-based studies. The fat-burning and weight loss properties are seemingly driven by the increased production of beta-3-adrenergic receptors (ADRB3) that are commonly linked to fat burning in adipose tissue and thermogenesis in skeletal muscles.

     A notable study examined how fragment 176-191 affected weight loss and fat burning in mice with the ADRB3 knockout gene. Both lean and obese mice were administered varying doses of fragment 176-191 over a three-week period of time. Interestingly enough, the weight loss effects of the peptide were seen only in obese mice which experience a 50% decrease in body fat. The lean mice included in the study maintained normal body weight and body fat percentage regardless of whether or not they were treated with fragment 176-191.

    The results of this study indicate that fragment 176-191 directly acts on burning adipose tissue which leads to the overall weight loss benefits. Additionally, this study suggests that there could potentially be secondary regulatory pathways that drive lipolysis, capable of overriding the functioning of ADRB3 primarily in lean mice near an ideal body weight. Future research and supplemental studies could be conducted regarding these secondary regulatory pathways and the role they play in energy homeostasis.

    Effects of Fragment 176-191 on Plasma Glucose and Insulin Levels

    In addition to its weight loss and fat-burning capabilities, fragment 176-191 has also shown promise in increasing insulin levels and lowering blood sugar. Various animal-based studies examining the hypoglycemic effects of Human Growth Hormone (hGH)  have shown that the C-terminus of the peptide is responsible for its ability to lower blood sugar. That being said, fragment 176-191 is the hGH derivative that most efficiently and effectively lowers blood sugar levels. In addition to lowering levels of blood sugar, administration of the fragment is also able to increase levels of insulin.

    Further studies tested the efficacy of fragment 176-191 in vivo in normal rats. Results of the study highlighted that administration of the fragment led to a short-lived spike in glucose levels as well as a sustained increase in plasma insulin levels as well. With the combination of increased insulin levels and decreased blood glucose levels, further research on this peptide will be conducted regarding the efficacy of treating prediabetes and type 2 diabetes with fragment 176-191 (https://www.canpeptides.com/blog/hgh-fragment-176-191-research.html).

    How to store Fragment 176-191

    In order to reduce peptide breakdown, keep peptides refrigerated at all times but DO NOT FREEZE.

    Swab the top of the vial with a 95% alcohol wipe before accessing.

    Only Mix with Sterile Bacteriostatic Water

    Bacteriostatic water is vital to preventing contamination and preserving the stability of the compound.

    Push the needle through the stopper at an angle in order to direct the stream to the side of the vial.

    Reconstituted peptide solution should be stored at around 4 degrees Celsius but not frozen, while lyophilized peptide solution should be kept at -20 degrees Celsius.

    Mixing Fragment 176-191

    Before drawing solution from any dissolved peptide vial, fill the pin with air to the same measurement you will be filling with solution, ie. if you plan to take 0.1 ml, first fill the pin with 0.1ml of air, push the air into the vial, and then draw the peptide back up to the 0.1 ml marker. Doing so will maintain even pressure in the vial. Always remember to remove air bubbles from the pin by flicking it gently, needle side up, and pushing bubbles out. In addition, push out a tiny amount of solution to ensure there is no air left in the metal tip.


    The purity and sterility of bacteriostatic water are essential to prevent contamination and to preserve the shelf-life of dissolved peptides.

    Push the pin through the rubber stopper at a slight angle, so that you inject the bacteriostatic water toward the inside wall of the vial, not directly onto the powder.

    Lyophilized peptide should be stored at -20°C (freezer), and the reconstituted peptide solution at 4°C (refrigerated). Do not freeze once reconstituted.  NEVER SHAKE A VIAL TO MIX.

    Side Effects

    Few side effects exist for Frag 176-191. The most prominent side effects are actually mild in nature and tend to dissipate over time. These side effects include drowsiness and possible redness at the injection site. If the side effects persist or get worse, speak with your general physician.

    Frag 176-191 Dosage

    First things first, unlike many other peptides, Fragment 176-191 does reconstitute cloudy. Yes, you can use it. Aside from that little detail, dosing and injection is similar to many other peptides. It is injected subcutaneously. This means that it is injected into fatty tissue not muscle and can be done in the abdomen among other areas. The most common dosage is 300mcg twice daily.

    In many cases, taking it on an empty stomach is the most viable option for best results. The length of time you should take it varies from the shortest length being three months and the longest being six months. It is not recommended to exceed a six month period.

    Eating right and going to the gym and not seeing results can really bite. That’s why the introduction of Frag 176-191 into your daily regimen is necessary. You’ll be losing the weight faster and see the differences in the mirror in no time.





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