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Cabaser 2mg (20 tablets) by Pfizer

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20 tablets per bottle.


Cabergoline tablets can help bodybuilders build more muscle mass without suffering the consequences of extra body fat buildup. The main reason for using Cabergoline in the bodybuilding world is to manage gynecomastia, which omits the undesired effects of prolactin on muscle growth via consumption of anabolic steroids. By controlling prolactin’s production, Cabergoline leads to a number of positive effects for bodybuilders.

It can support Testosterone production and therefore result in more muscle mass. It is often consumed together with anabolic steroids. Some of the most popular effects from Cabergoline include:

  • Extra power and more energy
  • More Testosterone production
  • A supported and boosted immune system
  • Enhanced emotional condition
  • Better steroid cycle quality
  • A quicker recovery

Cabergoline can also reduce blood pressure and it’s not recommended to people who are hypotensive.

Before you buy Cabergoline, it’s advisable to speak to a doctor or another medical professional who can offer expert guidance on the proper dosing based on your specific requirements and goals.

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