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BPC 157(5mg) by United Peptides

Purchase this product now and earn 12 points!£11.70

Please note there is no box or bacteriostatic water with this product due to a supply issue.

Just raw peptide in 1ml vial.

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BPC 157


  1. Primary benefits
  2. Overview
  3. Key points

Primary Benefits

Healing, Anti inflammatory, cytoprotective, aids thrombosis formation


Also known as Body Protective Compound 157, The Healing Molecule

BPC 157 is sequence of 15 peptides that was originally discovered within the gastric juice of stomachs and is released by the body to help deal with phyiscal stress, injury, and damage.

Scientists however, became intrigued when they learned that if the compound was isolated from it’s longer protein and then placed in other parts of the body, these same healing effects would occur.  BPC 157 has demonstrated anti-inflammatory, cytoprotective, and endothelial-protective effects in different organ systems in different species. Studies have shown BPC 157 can lead to improved vascular integrity and immune response, reduced proinflammatory profile, and reduced critical levels of disease.

Key points

  • Demonstrates anti-arrhythmic, endothelial-protective and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Has shown to prevent and reverse thrombosis formation,
  • Maintain platelet function
  • improved liver enzyme profile and disturbances,
  • Lung disturbances,
  • Cardiovascular disturbances,
  • Cerebrovascular disturbances
  • Promoted homeostasis among neurotransmitter systems.
  • Speeds and aids the repair of soft tissues in the body.
  • Protects and repairs damage caused to the gut, liver, and other systems by NSAIDs and other medications.
  • Improves serotonin transport and synthesis, which has been implicated in many psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety, and similar.
  • Improves blood pressure and protects heart function from a myriad of problems.
  • Can help reduce allergic responses to natural triggers as well as some anti-viral properties on certain viruses that have been studied.
  • Shown to improve IBS and other bowel problems, likely through the same gut repair mechanism.
  • Several other less-well-studies benefits to everything from neurotransmitters to brain activity to oral health and even treating urinary incontinence.
  • Helps with arthritis
  • Investigated as a potential treatment for covid 19 – see link to study

BPC 157 as Potential Treatment for COVID-19 (nih.gov)





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